Back in January, Julie Fisher, my dance instructor, said she wanted to do a Star Wars themed dance for our next showcase and that she wanted to be dressed as Princess Leia. I knew the only person Leia could dance with would be Han Solo. But we didn't have a song.  After a few weeks of having little luck with finding the perfect song, I stumbled on "I'm Han Solo" from the Star Wars Kinect video game while searching for Star Wars sound bites. After editing the song tp remove game dialog and dropping in the Han/Leia sound bites, I knew it was perfect.  Julie put together the wonderful choreography and we collaborated on the "story" behind the dance. I feel really lucky about how this came together. It's as if the universe provided the song I needed but didn't even know existed. The style of dance is Bolero. I hope you enjoy it.

I'm picking up my blaster, put it on my side, I'm jumpin' in my Falcon, Wookiee at my side. I'm Solo, I'm Han Solo, I'm Han Solo, I'm Han Solo, Solo.
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